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Half-Line Miami is a video game mashup between Half-Life 2 and Hotline Miami.

I made this game as a declaration of my love for these 2 games, and as an experiment in game design.

It is available for download for free on this site.

For contact and other information, visit www.ThomasKole.com

twitter @Stabberthomas

and for more maps, visist www.reddit.com/r/HLM


  • 8 thematic levels, one for every region in Half-Life 2
  • A fantastic soundtrack by SUNG (soundcloud)
  • A Level editor, and a forum to upload your maps
  • Relentless gravity-gun fun\
made at Digital Arts and Entertainment (video game & vfx school)
Using Box2D
and Gorilla Audio


E: "MSVCP120.ddl is missing"

S: download this package from Microsoft (make sure to get the x86 version)

Download it for free below

More information

Published1 year ago
Tagshalf-life-2, hotline-miami, mashup
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


HalfLineMiami.zip (extract somewhere!) (96 MB)


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all .dll files are now in the folder and the game crashes... -.-

all .dll files are now in the folder and the game crashes... -.-

all .dll files are now in the folder and the game crashes... -.-

i love hotline miami and half life 2, then combining both is so amazing one thing is that (i not completly sure) you can have eny ether gun but the gravity gun (once again im not really sure) but ether than that its just the best

i hate the gun fight in this game but it can be fixed by adding an autolock feature and more weapons

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Could you make something like this but with portal2?

btw nice game! :P

Nice mashup of my favourite games. :)


I know a lot of time and effort went into this, but it's such a waste of potential in my opinion. The level design is way too linear, each level has one floor, you only have one weapon throughout the game, enemies come at you way too slowly, the difficulty is a joke, the gore is literally nonexistent, and honestly this did have far more potential than the developers put into it. It looks gorgeous and has a great soundtrack, but this was a very mediocre game in my opinion. If it wasn't built up so much I'd be much more forgiving, to be honest.

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best game

good job

My game crashes everytime i try to launch it and yes,i did Installed C++

this game is relly worked on. i saw the trailer for the game during my past time

your amazing at your work keep it up

Awesome work. However how come the props you're holding do not block bullets? This was a crucial mechanic in HL2.

Made a video a while back


Need a mac version of this game! I really want to play it.

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I want to play the game, but I'm on Chromebook, is there anyway you could make a browser version of the game?

Will you port this to Android/iPhone? This would be so cool to play over Bluetooth/Wifi with friends on the go.

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Nice Job, Just a remark, seems like the Azerty option doesn't work. It jumps back to qqwerty while playing. Quite disturbing for Azerty users :)

No problem on my side with dual screens

Hey, fantastic game of what I've played so far. I do have the problem of constantly clicking outside of the game window due to my dual monitor setup. Is there a way to lock the cursor to the game?

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Odd, it should already do so...

I'll look into it, but for now I'm afraid you might have to disable the other screen, sorry, It's hard building a game almost from scratch yourself :)

This is actually pretty darn good. Nice gravity gun usage!!

Whoo leave a comment I'll read them all :)